Are You Compliant? Interview of Linda Howard

“It is an excellent opportunity for gyms to be able to take advantage of some of the new regulations around wellness and to be able to bring these facilities on premises,” said Linda Howard, the founder and CEO of Alturnative and co-founder of CON4MX. “It is a great opportunity, but it is irresponsible to talk about this opportunity without helping gyms understand what they need to do in order to not violate any laws.”

Are You Befuddled By HIPAA? We Can Help

IHRSA collaborated with three industry experts to produce an e-book to help demystify HIPAA regulations for health club professionals. The e-book is now available to download and is on site at IHRSA 2015. These three experts [Molly Kemmer, Linda Howard, and Garrett Felix] will also be available to share their experience with HIPAA and answer questions at the Demystifying HIPAA: Understanding How HIPAA Relates To Your Club Round Table at IHRSA 2015.