Training and Presentation Overview

Alturnative offers an array of compliance and ethics training for Managed Care Organizations, Health Insurance Marketplace organizations, healthcare providers, wellness organizations, and employee wellness programs.   Our training include general compliance training; privacy and security training; fraud, waste and abuse training; specific training; training in response to identified opportunities for improvement, online training, live webinar training; and face-to-face training.

Healthcare Compliance & Ethics Engagement

  • HIPAA Training
  • Hospice Compliance Training
  • Assisted Living Compliance Training
  • Healthcare Exchange Compliance Training
  • Managed Care General Compliance Training
  • Managed Care Medicare and Medicaid Marketing Training
  • Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training
  • Healthcare Compliance Seminars and Keynotes 

Wellness Compliance & Ethics Engagement

Trainings, Seminars and Keynotes:

  • Wellness and the Affordable Care Act
  • HIPAA for Wellness Professionals

Socially Impactful Engagement

 Training, Seminars and Keynotes:

  • A Good Death – End of Life and Spirituality & Religion
  • Multicultural Competency in the Delivery of Healthcare and Wellness Services